Success Stories

See how we've helped our clients tackle business challenges. From enhancing packaging efficiency to optimizing supply chains, these case studies show how collaboration and innovation can lead to success. Discover how Rocket Industrial has assisted clients across various industries in achieving their goals.

beverage stretch wrapperbeverage stretch wrapperbeverage stretch wrapper

Beverage Distributor Increases Loading and Wrapping Speeds

See how automation with a custom stretch wrapping system increased the number of cases processed hourly by 50%.

electric bikeelectric bikeelectric bike

E-Bike Manufacturer Redesigns Packaging for New Product Launch

We teamed up with this e-bike manufacturer to redesign a secure package for a new international product launch.

steel pipessteel pipessteel pipes

Steel Distributor Achieves Major Cost Savings with Alternative Packaging Materials

An assessment of packaging materials leads to a cost savings of over $135,000 and an optimized banding process.

plastic boxes for concreteplastic boxes for concreteplastic boxes for concrete

Concrete Manufacturer Reduces Damages with a New Container Design

Find out how a new container material and design reduced damages and pack times for a concrete product manufacturer.

fish in a tankfish in a tankfish in a tank

Aquatic Life Distributor Finds a More Sustainable Shipping Solution

Our lab tested a variety of materials to find a sustainable solution to replace foam without compromising protection.

paper rolls at plantpaper rolls at plantpaper rolls at plant

Paper Manufacturer Reduces Stretch Wrap Costs and Plastic Waste

See how switching to a high-performance stretch wrap saved this paper mill $25,000 per year and reduced film waste.

metal stamped piecesmetal stamped piecesmetal stamped pieces

Metal Stamping Company Optimizes Stretch Wrapping and Weighing

By optimizing the stretch wrapping process, this manufacturer reduced packaging times and eliminated excess materials.

modern office furnituremodern office furnituremodern office furniture

Furniture Manufacturer Reduces Pack Times with a New Corrugated Container

Our team developed a new corrugated container to replace this manufacturer's bulky wooden shipping crates.

Loveshaw LD7 in useLoveshaw LD7 in useLoveshaw LD7 in use

Worm Bedding Producer Increases Output with Economical Automation

Upgrading from manual hand taping to a box sealing machine helps a small manufacturer grow. 

retail doorretail doorretail door

Door Manufacturer Standardizes Packaging and Reduces Plastic Waste

See how a packaging assessment reduced plastic waste by 75%, reduced damage, and improved packaging consistency. 

commercial kitchencommercial kitchencommercial kitchen

Food Equipment Manufacturer Downgauges Stretch Film 

A stretch film analysis by our team showed this manufacturer a downgauging opportunity that cut stretch costs by 37%.

face shield and masksface shield and masksface shield and masks

Injection Molding Manufacturer Automates Bagging to Decrease Labor Costs

To meet COVID-19 production demands, an automated bagging line was installed, decreasing labor costs by 33%.

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