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Case Study: Case Sealer Automation

Worm bedding producer, TBK Manufacturing, looks to packaging equipment to increase productivity while cutting costs in the process.


With a demand for high output from retailers and the high quality expectations of their Fat N Sassy Worm Bedding product line, TBK needed to find the right packaging automation solution to fit their needs and budget. They turned to Rocket Industrial to solve their productivity issues hand taping boxes.

  • Prove the ROI and cost savings of automation
  • Maintain the current case size


An initial discovery visit allowed us to determine TBK Manufacturing’s goals. A Loveshaw LD-7 case sealer was brought in for an on-site demonstration and test phase. The case sealer immediately proved to be a significant time saver with it’s up to 80ft/min belt speed.


The Loveshaw LD-7 was able to process the same amount of cartons in five minutes that takes an employee, manually taping, 30 minutes to do. The case sealer also provides the reliability and consistent quality TBK Manufacturing needs.

“This case taper has been a huge time saver for us. Rocket Industrial’s on-site equipment demo was really helpful for us in making our final decision.”
–Todd Luedke, Owner of TBK Manufacturing

  • Improved productivity from increasing case output 600%
  • Optimized labor time to 25% of what was previously required
  • Decrease in material costs per case with less tape wasted

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