Paper Industry Packaging Solutions

Packaging materials and equipment used in the pulp and paper mill industry are designed to efficiently and safely package and transport products to customers. Rocket Industrial provides innovative solutions to protect paper rolls of all sizes.

Our packaging specialists and engineers have industry experience and will take a careful analysis of your current packaging materials and processes. Our in-house packaging lab can conduct various tests to make sure you have the best packaging for your paper products.


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Packaging Materials

  • Splicing tape
  • Specialty foam & double sided tapes
  • Boxes & edge protectors
  • Labels
  • Roll headers & roll wrap
  • Stretch wrap
  • Custom protective packaging

Packaging Equipment

  • Conveyors
  • Palletizers
  • Label applicators
  • Stretch wrappers
  • Strapping machines
  • Material & pallet handling equipment
  • Specialized machines

Paper Industry Packaging Insights

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How to Prevent Load Failure Damage

Our engineers have determined that ineffective stretch wrapping is the leading cause of load failure. Learn how to prevent it.

rolls of taperolls of taperolls of tape

A Complete Guide to Different Types of Tape

From application to vinyl, we've put together an overview of the most popular types of tapes with a description and common uses.

rolls of paper in a warehouserolls of paper in a warehouserolls of paper in a warehouse

Success Story - Savings with Downgauging

Find out how downgauging stretch film resulted in a 25% cost reduction in material and less annual plastic waste for a paper manufacturer. 


Sustainability has always been a hot topic in the pulp and paper manufacturing industry. Mills continue to push forward with sustainable production practices, as well as packaging and transportation.

Rocket Industrial remains committed to helping our clients Package With Less. Our Million Pound Promise is at the core of our sustainable mission as we strive to reduce the amount of packaging in the waste stream. We are also certified members of green organizations like the Green Business Benchmark.

To confirm our commitment to packaging safety and quality, our main Wausau distribution center has achieved BRC Certification.

Although the BRC food safety standard began in the UK, it is now recognized as a global standard and considered a total quality management benchmark. The objective of the BRC Global Standard is to ensure that product integrity during storage and distribution is maintained and that customer confidence is upheld through an annual audit and certification.

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