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Paper/Film Manufacturing & Converting


Approximately 400 million metric tons of paper is produced and consumed globally each year.

That’s enough paper to fill a NFL stadium from top to bottom
four times a day for an entire year.

The paper and film industry is a very capital intensive business and one that’s always changing. In fact most mills are technically no longer making classic paper or film products. Many mills are creating hybrid products that marry foils, films, and papers together.

The industry is printing and creating more and more custom packaging for consumers and is constantly looking for the next best mouse trap.

With the wide variety of products that are produced the need for specialty tape solutions and protective packaging becomes even greater.

Tap into our knowledge base to help you pinpoint the solution to your needs.

Paper Film Manufacturing & Converting

See how a customized tape solution helped
to automate a paper processor's core
starting process.

A Sample of What We Can Do

Plate Mounting – Clean removal, edge lifting, pin holing, no problem. Rocket Industrial has you covered with double-sided film and foam tapes for highest quality printing and easy change over.

Flying Splices – We carry specialty tapes that are designed for high speed tambour changes at coaters, calendars, and slit winders. We are a master distributer of Tesa’s EasySplice and Permacel/Nitto tapes.

Core Starting – Finding the right tape for core starting has become more and more interesting with the development of low surface energy films and papers. Rocket Industrial has access to hundreds of tapes that will work for your application.

End Tabbing – Proper roll closure is essential for transportation inside and outside of your facility.

Permanent Splice – Many of the splices that are made in production end up at your end user. Therefore each splice has to have a high shear resistance, machinability, and prevent adhesive bleed. Let us minimize reworks and customer returns by exploring the right splicing tape for your application.

Roll Wrapping & Edge Protection – Reduce damage and returns with our customized roll wrapping machines, roll edge protection, and blocking products.

Get started with Paper/Film Manufacturing & Converting

Contact Rocket Industrial today to learn how we can work with you
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