Packlytics Stretch Wrap Monitoring System

How Packlytics Works

Cut your film costs with a sensor system that tracks film usage.

Create a smart manufacturing environment where all available information is captured in real-time and turned into actionable insights. Packlytics sensor systems easily integrate into your facilities' existing stretch wrap equipment, adding the ability to track and optimize packaging usage, giving you true cost savings through proactive alerting and reporting.

Get instant visibility into your facilities' packaging workflow to gather valuable data and discover where you can take steps to reduce bottlenecks in production. Having Packlytics also ensures that no load will ever leave your facility with an improper stretch film application, giving your customers additional peace of mind. 

Key Benefits 

  • No PLC integration required
  • Easy, 30 minute install
  • Email, SMS and app alerts
  • Custom productivity reports
  • Does not void machine warranty
  • Compatible with a variety of packaging systems 


  • Check MarkIncrease packaging efficiency.
  • Check MarkReduce inventory expenses.
  • Check MarkDiscover true cost savings.

Packlytics - Stretch Wrap Monitoring System

Packlytics Stretch Wrap Monitoring SystemPacklytics Stretch Wrap Monitoring SystemPacklytics Stretch Wrap Monitoring System

Success Story

Packlytics monitors even the smallest stretch wrap usage details to make sure you’re getting as much out of your stretch wrap as possible, but it can also quickly alert you if your stretch wrap machine is having technical difficulties.That’s exactly what happened with Wisconsin area manufacturer. Their main wrapper has Packlytics installed, and the software showed a big drop in the machine’s efficiency – a loss of 45%. They knew this was a much bigger issue than a setting change. A maintenance tech at the company checked the machine and found the pressure stretch roller was spinning free. After a quick fix, the roller was back in working order and Packlytics showed the machine’s efficiency went right back to normal.

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