Making Sustainable Packaging a Priority

Learn more about our Million Pound Promise and how we accomplish it through re-engineering, reduction, and total cost of ownership.

Storopack PAPERbubbleStoropack PAPERbubbleStoropack PAPERbubble

Green Products

We continue to source new sustainable products to help our customers package more efficiently with less waste. We make it as easy as possible to incorporate sustainable packaging products into packaging lines to make the switch to sustainability seamless.

  • Air pillows
  • Paper void fill
  • Stretch wrap
  • Water-activated tape
Prototyping MachinePrototyping MachinePrototyping Machine

Custom Eco-Friendly Design

Whether you are looking for flexible food packaging or industrial packaging, our engineering team can develop packaging that adds value to your brand while promoting your sustainability efforts. From removing excess packaging to sourcing new materials, our in-house packaging engineers can create an eco-friendly design that protects your product.

  • Testing on alternative packaging materials 
  • Eliminate excess packaging while still protecting products
  • Reduce the amount of air in shipments 

Certifications & Associations

Green Business Benchmark LogoGreen Business Benchmark LogoGreen Business Benchmark Logo

Green Business Benchmark Certified

Rocket Industrial is proud to be gold-certified by the Green Business Benchmark (GBB) through our sustainable business practices, community involvement, and office environments. Our mission is to improve sustainability in the industries we serve through process optimization, eliminating excess packaging, and sourcing sustainable products.

Sustainable Insights

Sustainable Packaging DesignSustainable Packaging DesignSustainable Packaging Design

Sustainable Packaging Design

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Packing with sustainable packaging Packing with sustainable packaging Packing with sustainable packaging

Sustainable Packaging Stats

Eco-friendly packaging influences consumers and their purchasing decisions. Learn More.

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