Packaging Test Lab

Key Capabilities

The packaging test lab experts conduct standard and customized tests to evaluate your packaging. We view packaging challenges with the supply chain in mind. Every touchpoint is considered and your end-of-project recommendations are always backed by proven data.

  • Performance conscious cost reduction
  • Packaging process optimization
  • Rapid prototyping services
  • Total cost of ownership analysis

Distribution Tests

Drop TestDrop TestDrop Test

Drop Impact

Drop impact tests measure the capability of a container to withstand the sudden shock resulting from free fall.

Incline Impact TestIncline Impact TestIncline Impact Test

Incline Impact

An incline impact tests simulate rail car handling, sudden breaking, and pallet marshaling.

Compression TestCompression TestCompression Test


A compression test simulates the stacking of unitized loads during storage and shipment to make sure the packaging can withstand various compression forces.

Forklift Handling TestForklift Handling TestForklift Handling Test

Forklift Handling

A forklift handling test will simulate rotational flat, edge, and corner drops as well as the ISTA forklift handling road course.


All tests performed in the lab are to ISTA and ASTM standards where applicable. Rocket Industrial has also developed a unique set of tests specific to the packaging industry.

Material Tests

Environmental TestEnvironmental TestEnvironmental Test

Environmental Conditions

Environmental testing determines if the package and product can withstand temperature changes, humidity, and other known environmental factors in the product's distribution environment.

Water Vapor Transmission TestWater Vapor Transmission TestWater Vapor Transmission Test

Water Vapor Transmission

Used to determine the water vapor transmission rate of permeable and semipermeable materials such as paper, films, and fiberboards.

Load Containment TestLoad Containment TestLoad Containment Test

Load Containment Force

Load containment is a measurement of the force required to cause a shift in your pallet load.

Puncture Force TestPuncture Force TestPuncture Force Test

Puncture Test

A puncture test is used to show the amount of force needed for an object to puncture through stretch wrap film.

Tension StrengthTension StrengthTension Strength

Tension Strength

Tension strength testing measures the force required for a material to break under tension.

Pallet Pattern AnalysisPallet Pattern AnalysisPallet Pattern Analysis

Pallet Pattern & Packaging Analysis

Secondary packaging and your pallet pattern form a relationship that can have a big impact on your shipment process. Using specialized software, we analyze your package and pallet pattern stack to reduce any space you may be shipping. Completing a project could result in:

  • Increase in the number of boxes per pallet and truckload
  • Productivity improvement by decreasing time and errors in the loading process
  • Lower storage and transportation costs
  • Decrease in overall packaging and materials costs
  • Reduce your carbon footprint

Frequently Asked Questions

What standards are your tests performed to?

All standard tests performed in our lab are done so in accordance with ISTA (International Safe Transit Association) or ASTM (American Society for Testing and Materials) regulations. Custom tests are developed by our engineering team to be done in accordance with ISTA and ASTM whenever possible.

What are the first steps taken in a project?

Most projects start with a discovery meeting between you and our packaging lab team. In the meeting, we will want to learn the challenges you face and set goals for a successful project.

How long do projects take?

Project lengths can vary based on what is required for completion. We will always communicate the anticipated schedule throughout the entire process.

Can I send you our typical product pallet and you analyze the packaging configuration?

Yes, sometimes we refer to this as a Pallet Pit Stop. We run our standard tests on your secondary packaging and then provide you with our recommendations.

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