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Create a smart manufacturing environment where all available information is captured in real-time and turned into actionable insights. Packlytics sensor systems easily integrate into your facilities' existing stretch wrap equipment, adding the ability to track and optimize packaging usage, giving you true cost savings through proactive alerting and reporting.

Get instant visibility into your facilities' packaging workflow to gather valuable data and discover where you can take steps to reduce bottlenecks in production. Having Packlytics also ensures that no load will ever leave your facility with an improper stretch film application, giving your customers additional peace of mind.

Interleave Paper & Kraft TubesInterleave Paper & Kraft TubesInterleave Paper & Kraft Tubes

Advantages of Rocket Paper

Less movement and handling of paper is required:

  • Requires one shipment of parent rolls to our facility.
  • Conversion is all done in house and orders will typically ship next day.
  • Moved into on-site storage until shipment (paper is stored on heat treated, wooden pallets and are weighted and wrapped prior to leaving the clean room for added safety and protection

More consistency: 

  • The ends of our shearing knives are set to ¼” increments, which means the width of our paper will be accurate and no rolls will ever be over or undersized.
  • Finished roll construction is tighter with our surface rewinder vs the duplex/center rewinder used by other companies.
  • Producing a continuous log means more reliability roll to roll and set to set.

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Don't Put Your Customers at Risk

With rapidly growing expectations from regulators, consumers and retailers, companies must be proactive in their approach to food safety. We are BRC Certified for Manufacturing Food Contact Packaging, BRC Certified for Storage and Distribution and our paper products are BRC Certified. The BRC Global Standards are highly regarded and widely used by suppliers and retailers worldwide since they assist in standardizing quality, safety, operational criteria and manufacturers’ fulfillment of legal obligations. This shows our strong commitment to our customers and gives added confidence in our systems. It’s also a guarantee to you that we facilitate continuous improvements to the quality and safety of our products.

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