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Packaging Health Assessment


Achieve 20% total packaging cost savings.


Assessing the Health of Your Packaging

Amazingly, over 45% of manufacturers are unaware of their damage rates. Underpackaging and over-packaging are everywhere, and nearly half of us are using the wrong type of packaging, overspending on materials, accepting the status quo. Our Packaging Health Assessments have resulted in a 20% total packaging cost savings on average in six weeks.

What is Covered in a Packaging Health Assessment?

Every manufacturer has unique products and objectives, so every Packaging Health Assessment is customized. Our engineers clarify your product’s protective needs and vulnerabilities, then evaluate every aspect of your primary, protective and secondary packaging. How do your current material, configuration, volume and other properties compare with the optimal level of protection for your products and supply chain?

Our Process - Estimated Six Weeks


1. Discovery

Our process starts with a discovery visit. Our packaging specialists visit your facility to gain an understanding of your back-end production, your products and current packaging materials. This includes sitting down with your team to learn your goals.

  • + Equipment Analysis
  • + Material Analysis
  • + Goal & Value Discussion

2. Research

Our engineers and product line managers dive into the details to test your products with packaging solutions that will be effective while reducing costs and waste.

  • + Interviews
  • + Time & Productivity Study
  • + Packaging Cost Calculation
  • + Inventory & Logistics Review
  • + Lab Testing

3. Design

We dial in on the best solution to optimize your packaging, beholden to no specific solution or source. With an eye toward the fresh and innovative, our goal is to give you a competitive advantage.

  • + Data-based Solutions
  • + Annual Savings Outlines
  • + Prototype Exploration
  • + Anticipated Performance
  • + Package With Less


4. Recommendations

We present our data-backed observations and recommendations, quantifying specific savings, encouraging you to push us as hard as we push ourselves.

  • + Performance Metrics Comparison
  • + Savings Schedule
  • + Improvement Path
  • + Key Insights

5. Implementation

Our team collaborates with yours to put new solutions into action, so you can begin confidently Packaging With Less. It may mean less material, less labor, less time, less waste, but it always means less cost.

  • + Deploy Optimal Equipment & Materials
  • + Full On-site Service & Support
  • + Purchasing Forecasting
Measurement & Optimization

6. Measurement & Optimization

After implementation we assess actual, measurable benefits against expected results. Typically, we see a 20% total cost savings across packaging material, inventory reduction, labor elimination and process improvement.

  • + Performance Reports
  • + Follow-up Meetings

Why Rocket Industrial?

You need a partner that has experience refining the packaging needs of hundreds of America’s finest manufacturers, is hungry to dig into your business, to understand your needs and provide solutions that will achieve your goals, make you more competitive, and hey, advance your career!

We pride ourselves on having a dedicated team with years of experience in the packaging industry. With 70 years of packaging experience, we have sold every major brand of packaging equipment since they were invented! We provide data-driven recommendations and provable cost saving solutions.

Engineering, Automation & Robotics - Our on-site engineers and packaging specialists are here to provide a guiding hand through your upgrade.

Supplies & Expertise - With a deep network of over 500 world class partners, you can count on Rocket Industrial to provide a packaging neutral-solution. We’ve helped facilities go from start up to unstoppable.

Full Service & Support - We backup everything we do by providing best in class service on all equipment. If there is ever an issue or you need a quick fix our service technicians spring into action.

Success Story: Rearranging Furniture

When furniture started arriving at customers locations damaged, a furniture manufacturer contacted Rocket Industrial for an assessment.

Some of their mainstay products, two and three drawer dressers, were getting damaged during shipping. This damage was costing the manufacturers tens of thousands of dollars on replacement costs, time, and damaged reputation. After a discovery visit from Rocket Industrial, our packaging engineers found that the internal packaging was not appropriately rated for their application.

After some extensive testing with a new materials and packaging design, a multi-purpose corrugated box was created to be used on both two and three drawer dressers. The new box design was faster to assemble, used less material, and provided the protection needed during transit.

Key Results:

• Reduced product damage and return rates.

• Achieved a 10% savings cost on the new modular packaging design alone.

Ready to Get Started?

If you’re facing issues with your current packaging such as high damage rates, high costs or are just looking to improve your overall packaging, we can help! Our Packaging Health Assessment will give you all the data you need with recommendations on where to start. The Rocket Industrial team will be at your side throughout the implementation process to assure that the results we see in the lab are the results you see in real world conditions.

The next step is an initial discovery visit from a packaging specialist.

It is absolutely free with no cost to you!

Schedule today with a Rocket Industrial representative.

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