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The facts driving growth in the grocery store industry:

1.6            Average number of trips per week to the supermarket per consumer

$30.62    Average sale per customer transaction

43,844    Average number of items carried in a supermarket

46,500    Median total store size in square feet

$11.85    Weekly sales per square foot of selling area

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Bakery Tissue and Cake Liners
Self-Service Case Packaging
Plastic Cake Packaging
Clear-Hinged Packaging - Utility
Pie Packaging - Fruit and Cream
Tamper-Evident Packaging
Labels – Scale, Flavor, and POS
Cleaning Equipment and Supplies
Gloves, Aprons, Hairnets, Safety

Pan Liners and Parchment Papers
Cake Boxes – Window and Plain
Doughnut and Muffin Packaging
Cake Circles and Boards
Bake-In Containers - Foil and Plastic
Muffin and Cupcake Packaging
Bags – Paper, Plastic, Wicket, Foil
Seasonal Packaging
Sanitation Chemicals and Cleaners


Foam Packaging – Sides and Meal
Catering Trays – Plastic and Aluminum
Soup Packaging – Plastic, Paper Foam
Labels – Scale, ID, and Point of Sale
Gloves, Aprons, Hairnets
Portion Cups – Plastic and Paper
Cutlery – Wrapped and Unwrapped
Cutter Box – Film and Foil
Cleaners, Degreaser, Sanitizers
Gloves, Hairnets, Aprons
Cleaning Equipment

Chicken Packaging – Fried and Rotisserie
Deli Cups and Lids – Round and Square
Microwavable Containers – Meals and Sides
Salad Containers – Hinged, Two Piece
To-Go Bags – Paper and Plastic
Clear Hinged Containers – PET and OPS
Sandwich Wrap and Basket Liners
Interfolded Deli Sheets – Paper and Foil
Paperboard Food Trays (Boats)
Deli Bags – Slider, Zip, Lip and Tape
Tamper-Evident Packaging


Deli Cups and Lids
Roast Netting and Twine
Wood Skewers
Paperboard Food Trays (Boats)
Plastic Bags – Roll and Flat
Boxes – Patty, Brat, Utility
Labels – Scale, Nutritional and POS
Foil Pans – Meatloaf, Entree
Degreasers, Sanitizers, Cleaning Equipment
Aprons, Hair Nets, Boots

Foam Trays – Plain and Padded
Meat Soaker Pads – Tray and Case
Case Liner Rolls
Vacuum Bags and Equipment
Meat Film – Automatic and Hand
Freezer and Butcher Paper
Steak and Butcher Paper
Bulker and Patty Paper
Grip Case Liners
Gloves- Cotton, Vinyl, Nitrile


Fruit and Veggie Compartmented
Trays Press to Close Zip Bags
Twist-Ease Twist Ties
Cleaners and Cleaning Equipment
Gloves – Plastic, Vinyl, Latex
Aprons, Hairnets, Safety

Customer Bags – Roll, Wicket, Flat
Vented Poly Bags – Plain and Printed
Produce Film – Green Tint and Plain
Tote Bags – Banana and Plain
Clear-Hinged Containers
Tamper-Evident Containers

Store Supplies and Maintenance

Hand Soaps and Sanitizers
Air Fresheners and Deodorizers
Cleaners and Cleaning Equipment
Matting – Entrance, Safety, Ant-Fatigue
Tape – Box Sealing and Cellophane
Pallet Wrap Film
Safety Cutters and Blades
Bale Wire
Ice Bags and Closures

Paper Grocery Sacks – with and without Handles
Paper Grocery Bags – White/Brown
Plastic Bags – T-Shirt, Freezer, Small Order
Register Paper – Thermal and Bond
Disinfectant Wipes – Cart and Surface
Trash Can Liners
Signs – Shelf Talker, End Cap, Special
Office and Copy Paper
Paper Towels and Bath Tissue

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