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Custom Packaging Solutions

On average, the U.S. Patent Office receives over 500,000 patent applications a year, and approximately half of them get approved. This leads to tens of thousands of products going to market every year, and each needing packaging to help sell and deliver a quality product to the consumer.

Every business is always looking for a better way to package its products. Whether your packaging needs more protection, custom sizing, or company branding, Rocket Industrial is your sourcing agent for high-quality custom packaging. 

Our team of designers and packaging engineers can help you create appealing, yet functional, packaging designs to elevate your brand. Starting with an idea, our team can guide your project through implementation to provide a memorable experience with your customers. Fill out our custom branded packaging form for more information.

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Our network of trusted vendors and suppliers allows us to source the best packaging materials to ensure your products have the proper protection and stand out from the competition. From boxes to poly bags, let us help you find the best-sized packaging for each of your products.

With a packaging lab on-site, our packaging engineers can create prototypes with our cutting table to determine the best packaging for your situation.

The Art of Packaging BlogThe Art of Packaging BlogThe Art of Packaging Blog


The better the design of the packaging, the more likely it is that a consumer will buy a product. This is where the handiwork of an experienced designer comes in.

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Protective Packaging Guide eBookProtective Packaging Guide eBookProtective Packaging Guide eBook


This guide delivers key protective packaging content about implementing the best insights to ensure the success and safety of your product.

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Creating Brand Engagement with Custom Packaging BlogCreating Brand Engagement with Custom Packaging BlogCreating Brand Engagement with Custom Packaging Blog


The first interaction that consumers have with a physical product is the packaging, so packaging design must be integrated into the overall branding strategy of a company.

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