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Packaging Test Lab


The Packaging Test Lab is equipped with various package testing equipment and design tools. The lab’s equipment is used to provide a variety of standard and customized tests to evaluate your product’s packaging. The data obtained from testing enables us to enhance your product’s packaging with more efficient solutions. The lab also offers packaging design and other packaging engineering services.


The Packaging Test Lab is designed to evaluate your packaging by putting it through various tests to see how it withstands the rigors of the shipping process. Our engineers are committed to finding the optimum solutions by performing the correct testing, analyzing the data, and providing recommendations. We also offer custom packaging design and optimization services to enhance your supply chain.

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We put your packaging through rigorous transportation simulations to make sure it holds up.

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Engineering custom packaging designs for your most demanding packaging needs.

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Improving your packaging, shipping, and warehouse operation tactics.

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Explore engineered packaging solutions.

Our packaging engineers are passionate about collaborating with our customers to create innovative solutions that solve even the toughest challenges.