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We are commited to finding ways to posivitely impact the planet.


Why Should Sustainable Packaging Be On Your Agenda?

70% of Americans consider sustainability when making a purchase

Sustainable Packaging Fact One

Sustainability matters to consumers. In fact, 47% say they would pay more for a sustainable product.

A third of all landfill waste in the United States is packaging waste

Sustainable Packaging Fact Two

Packaging waste is responsible for half of the waste around the globe.

Over 350 species are currently entangled by packaging waste

Sustainable Packaging Fact Three

Over 100,000 animals die every year from plastic entanglement and ingestion.

Our Priorities - Corporate Responsibility

Rocket Industrial's passion for sustainability extends across the entire supply chain. We incorporate a variety of ecologically friendly materials, processes, engineering and design ideas into everything we do.

Green Products

Green Products

Rocket is always sourcing new, more sustainable products. We aim to supply products to help our customers be more efficient and less wasteful. We also make incorporating them into your packaging design as easy as possible.

  • + Offers biodegradable bags and plates, some that are sugarcane-based
  • + Partnered with Pratt Corrugated, who makes all their materials from 100% recycled material
  • + Sells recycled Kraft paper as a bubble/foam substitute for package void fill


Whether you are looking for flexible food packaging or industrial packaging, our engineering team will develop a package that adds value to your brand while removing excess material and reducing waste.

  • + In-house engineers can help create a new packaging design that reduces material and the amount of air in shipments while still protecting your product
  • + Our Packaging Test Lab provides data-driven solutions by doing simulation testing on new package materials and designs for your product
  • + Team up with vendors with similar goals
Carbon Footprint

Our Carbon Footprint

We not only work to reduce our own packaging use and make sure we properly recycle supplies, we also optimize our equipment, facilities and offices to reduce waste and energy.

  • + Balers for recycling all plastic, stretch wrap and corrugated
  • + Use of LED shatterproof in the warehouse
  • + Paper products and water filter machine in the break rooms
  • + Stretch wrappers are calibrated to get the maximum hold using the least amount of stretch film per load

Our Mission - Package With Less

We strongly believe that new packaging innovations can change the world, change the planet and change lives. We strive to help every client Package With Less... less material, less waste and less cost. Join us in our mission to reduce the amount of packaging in the waste stream by one million pounds this year.

Package With Less

Our Progress - Million Pound Promise

The Million Pound Promise is our commitment to work toward removing at least 1,000,000 pounds of packaging material from the waste stream annually. If becoming more sustainable and reducing packaging waste is one of your goals this year, let's work together to make a difference.

Million Pound Promise

Sustainability News

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Start your journey to sustainability.

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