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Pallet Pit Stop

Delivering Costs Savings Without Sacrificing Performance

Want to uncover cost savings for your business? Before racing to ship another pallet, send it through our pallet pit stop!

Just as race car drivers turn into pit stops to be rejuvenated, your packaging system can also benefit from entering our pallet pit stop. Our engineers take your product, in your boxes, in your stacking configuration, with your stretch wrap and wrapping pattern, and put it through a rigorous, seven-point examination. Our crew is ready to help you uncover cost savings and find new areas for improvement.

Let's Break It Down

A Quick, Disciplined Stretch Wrap Analysis By Packaging Experts

Our seven-point inspection report is completed in one business day. Based on the results, we'll recommend what's most important and how we can help uncover costs while improving your packaging performance.

Wrapped pallet of boxesWrapped pallet of boxesWrapped pallet of boxes
  • Step 1 - Ship your pallet to our test lab.
  • Step 2 - Our packaging experts analyze your pallet.
  • Step 3 - We ship your pallet back and deliver our findings.
  • Step 4 - We help you tune up your packaging.

Experience the benefits of packaging optimization today!

Learn More About Our Packaging Lab

The packaging test lab is equipped with various package testing equipment and design tools to evaluate your packaging by putting it through various tests to see how it withstands the rigors of the shipping process. Our engineers are committed to finding optimum solutions by performing tests, analyzing the data, and providing actionable recommendations.

Set Up Your Pit Stop