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The world is changing; it’s time to rethink your packaging. Consumer habits are evolving, consumers are becoming more conscious with higher expectations, and new technologies are reshaping the way we buy and use products. Packaging is powerful. Supply chains are becoming more complex and packaging is expected to take on more roles from transport to brand building. This shouldn’t have to equate to more costs.

Our capabilities are designed to help you succeed by getting the most out of your packaging through the best products and solutions in the industry. See our list of key capabilities below.

Packaging Testing

Packaging testing is required to identify vulnerabilities in your packaging materials. We put your package through rigorous testing to make sure it remains effective throughout your product’s journey. Our packaging lab is capable of performing a variety of tests such as:

• Shock, Compression, and Common Distribution

• Climatic/Environmental and Water Vapor

Pallet Falling OverPallet Falling OverPallet Falling Over

Packaging Development

Through our supply network and engineering capabilities, we can develop complete packaging solutions for any product in any industry. We offer full support during the concept, design, testing, and final production stages.

Learn more about our packaging development services and see examples of our work.

Measuring a PalletMeasuring a PalletMeasuring a Pallet


We can help you optimize through a series of analyses and assessments to make sure you have a happy balance between packaging cost and minimal damage.

Boxes Moving on a ConveyorBoxes Moving on a ConveyorBoxes Moving on a Conveyor


We are a certified distributor for leading packaging equipment brands. From case sealers to banders, stretch wrappers to conveyors, we carry it all. Our packaging equipment experts will find you the best machine for your application and budget. Once the equipment arrives at your facility, you'll have access to our service team for any issues that arise, as well as our vast supply of parts on hand.

Beverage Stretch Wrapping AutomationBeverage Stretch Wrapping AutomationBeverage Stretch Wrapping Automation

Custom Products & Packaging

Sometimes, an off the shelf solution just doesn't fit. We can customize the sizes of many types of materials from poly bags to tape. We also offer custom design services. Elevate your packaging with a custom design and your branding.

Roll of Interleave PaperRoll of Interleave PaperRoll of Interleave Paper

Custom Tape Slitting

We offer specialized custom widths of tape according to customer's specific requirements. Our converting services can reduce a 63-inch wide master tape roll and slit it down to 1/8th inch with a tolerance of .004 of an inch, ensuring accuracy through our precision techniques.

The tape slitting machines we use offer flexibility with materials and widths and are ideal for a variety of industries.

Tape SlittingTape SlittingTape Slitting


Free up your time and facility space by letting us monitor, source, and replenish your supplies with our Rocket Managed Inventory Program . Never be caught off guard with out of stock packaging, shipping, and warehouse supplies again.

  • Supply Management
  • Supply Sourcing
  • Supply Monitoring
Shelves of Vendor Manages Inventory ProductsShelves of Vendor Manages Inventory ProductsShelves of Vendor Manages Inventory Products

Sustainable Sourcing

We encourage our customers to consider being more mindful of their packaging choices. From cutting down on material to using sustainable alternatives, we can help you find a more sustainable solution.

Read more on corporate responsibility and why  sustainable packaging should be on your agenda.

Air Pillow MachineAir Pillow MachineAir Pillow Machine

Roll of Green StrappingRoll of Green StrappingRoll of Green Strapping

Alternative Materials

Switching to alternative packaging materials leads to massive cost savings.

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Automation EquipmentAutomation EquipmentAutomation Equipment

Automated Solutions

Automated solutions reduce human contact & uncover annual labor savings.

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Save 10% Off Banding & StrappingSave 10% Off Banding & StrappingSave 10% Off Banding & Strapping

Beverage Distribution

Development and implementation of a custom automated packaging line increases output.

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