Automation Eases Social Distancing

An automated solution reduces human contact & uncovers annual labor savings of 33%.

A premier manufacturer of custom injection molded components looked to Rocket Industrial for an automated solution to minimize human contact and meet the demand for packaging face shields during the COVID-19 pandemic.


The facility was hand loading face shields into poly bags and manually applying labels. As production volume increased due to COVID-19 demands, so did the number of employees needed and time spent packing and shipping.

A faster, automated solution was needed to increase packaging speed and allow for social distancing on the packaging line.

Face Shield in Poly BagFace Shield in Poly BagFace Shield in Poly Bag


Rocket Industrial studied the current workflow, utilized our vendor network, and held conference calls to determine how we could reduce human contact and automate this manufacturer’s packaging line.


Rocket Industrial partnered with Sharp Packaging to install an automated bagging machine that eliminated the slow, costly process of handloading face shields into poly bags. Through consultation, the correct poly bag size was chosen to achieve optimal machine performance. Additionally, an automatic label applicator was utilized to streamline the packaging process.


By installing two of Sharp’s bagging machines, and implementing a label applicator and conveyor system, this premier manufacturer can disperse their workforce by requiring four fewer workers on their packaging line.

This packaging automation upgrade has decreased labor costs by 33% and allows the timely loading of face shields with reduced human contact.

Automated Bagger GraphAutomated Bagger GraphAutomated Bagger Graph

What Will Your Social Distancing Solution Be?

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