Case Study: Sustainable Packaging Solution Improves Packaging Performance

Incorporating alternative packaging materials improves packaging performance & attains sustainability goals.

A worldwide door manufacturer relied on stretch film to safely ship their products, but a Rocket Industrial packaging expert saw opportunities to incorporate sustainable materials for increased packaging performance.


A cost-effective, more sustainable solution for improving the performance of their current packaging system without sacrificing performance was essential to this manufacturer. Although their packaging was working, Rocket Industrial was able to find solutions that would achieve their corporate initiatives:

      1. Improving packaging performance
      2. Standardizing the packaging process
      3. Reaching sustainability goals
      4. Incorporating brand recognition


The Rocket Industrial test lab performed tests of the manufacturer’s current packaging system vs. Rocket Industrial’s recommended alternative packaging materials. Performance results were communicated to the manufacturer by video and PDF.

International Safe Transit Association (ISTA) tests were performed to ensure the recommended solutions would survive the manufacturer’s distribution environment.


Test results demonstrated two viable solutions that would achieve the manufacturer’s corporate initiatives.

  1. A different load containment strategy that includes plastic banding & a dust cover to reduce stretch film usage by 75%.
  2. Using heavy-duty corner boards with the same amount of stretch film they are currently using.


By partnering with Rocket Industrial, the manufacturer experiences less product damage from better packaging performance. They can also standardize their packaging process across multiple locations.

Incorporating plastic banding and using a dust cover improves the packaging performance while reaching sustainability goals by reducing plastic waste by 75% from less stretch film usage. Plastic banding is also more easily recycled than stretch film.

Utilizing printed corner boards allows the manufacturer to include their brand in their packaging.

Annual Cost SavingsAnnual Cost SavingsAnnual Cost Savings

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