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Case Study: Stretch Wrapper Implementation

All metal stamping looks to Rocket Industrial to reduce the need for steel banding and minimize forklift traffic in their shipping area.


Ryan LaSee, President of All Metal Stamping is always on the lookout for ways his company can implement new technology to provide a better experience for his employees and customers. He identified that their end of line packaging process was not effective. Before shipping, each pallet was wrapped, steel banding was applied, and then the pallet was transferred to a different scale via forklift.

  • Optimized the stretch wrapping process
  • Integrate product weighing


After analyzing their process, Rocket Industrial implemented an Eagle 1000BWS Stretch Wrapper.  The stretch wrapper has a built-in digital scale for weighing pallets, automatic height sensor, and powered pre-stretch. A raised deck on the wrapper combined with the new load containment value from the pre-stretch eliminates the need for additional steel banding.


Rocket Industrial reduced All Metals Stamping’s packaging time by 7min/pallet. They now use 80% less steel banding in their overall packaging operation. More warehouse space was made available with the elimination of the separate weighing step.

“Rocket Industrial has helped us save time by reducing three operations to a single operation, they got us to a point where we use little or no steel banding, and the forklift traffic in our shipping area is reduced since we now weigh on the wrapper. Rocket Industrial is helpful, responsive, and good to work with.”

– Ryan, LaSee

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