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Case Study: Stretch Wrap Optimization

Piper Products takes advantage of a free stretch film analysis to uncover annual cost savings.


Ever improving Piper Products, a manufacturer specializing in cafeteria and buffet serving systems consulted Rocket Industrial for innovative ideas to reduce their packaging costs.

  • Identify inefficiencies in packaging operation
  • Provide actionable solutions without increasing costs elsewhere.


One of the first steps taken when a client is interested in packaging optimization is a stretch wrap analysis. Rocket Industrial discovered that down gauging the stretch wrap used at the end of Piper Products packaging line would bring noticeable annual savings. 63 gauge 20” IPG Genesys stretch wrap was selected for its proven ability to provide the same load containment as higher gauge wraps.


With the new stretch wrap in use, Piper Products sees valuable cost savings and has an excellent sustainability story to tell to its customers.
36% (408 lbs) less stretch wrap used yearly, leading to a 37% material cost reduction/load.

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