Case Study - Providing Durable Protective Packaging

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County Materials, a leading manufacturer of concrete and landscape products, wanted to reduce pack time and provide better protection for their products being shipped in the Midwest.


County Materials’ mission is to manufacture and distribute high quality concrete products in a safe, reliable, and efficient manner. Their packaging was susceptible to water damage and lacked a strong amount of durability for transport. It also required workers to hand erect the top and bottom cartons and then hand staple the wooden corner posts.

  • Reduce labor cost and time spent assembling containers
  • Create a container that was strong enough to transport heavy materials, while providing protection from the various Midwest weather elements it would be exposed to.


After an initial testing observation and testing phase, Rocket Industrial packaging engineers determined a rugged, plastic corrugated container to be the best solution. This one piece container required no additional assembly time, eliminating the manual work the old container required. The plastic corrugate is also stronger and provides more protection for the products during transport.

Protective Packaging Before & AfterProtective Packaging Before & AfterProtective Packaging Before & After


The new container offers more security, eliminating the need for replacement materials to be sent due to damages. Employees no longer need to put boxes together by hand. Working with a solid, one piece container helps improve pack times to get materials shipped quickly. The custom printed side drives brand recognition for County Materials for all their customers.

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