Case Study: Efficient Crating

Furniture manufacturer achieves the same packaging protection in half the time through crating optimization


A client specializing in providing functional work and retail environments contacted our packaging specialist. Their current packaging was working, but it was very time-consuming to construct. The discovery meeting uncovered how they were building similar wood crates by hand for each product with minor differences crate to crate.

  • Maintain structural integrity of shipping crates
  • Reduce construction time for internal employees
  • Improve packaging protection


Our team was able to develop, prototype and test a new crate solution. A two-piece corrugated container with specially designed wall construction was created. The application of dual walls allowed the corrugated material to stand strong as a replacement for the previous wood. The sides easily folded out and dropped over the product, and the top was form-fitted to create a clean seal.

Wooden Box vs Corrugated BoxWooden Box vs Corrugated BoxWooden Box vs Corrugated Box


The new corrugated crates are much quicker to assemble, require less physical effort, and cost less overall.

“The Rocket Industrial packaging specialist taught us the best practices when it came to packaging … We are now delivering a better packaged product and making it easier for our employees.”
– Tarra G, Project Executive

Since the completion of the crate project, we have since brought serval other packaging solutions to this same client.

  • A custom notching machine which allowed standard corner board to be folded to fit circular forms.
  • Microfoam™ protective sheeting interleaved between products prevents shifting and scratching.
  • New Airspeed HC bubble packaging dispenser allows the user to create custom bubble on demand while eliminated bulky bubble rolls from taking up space.

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