Polyair AirSpace G6 Inflatable Void Fill System

100% of 100
  • Up to 75 feet of air pillows per minute
  • Up to 40 feet of bubble film per minute
  • Low to high-volume applications
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This Polyair AirSpace G6 void fill system can be used for both air pillows and bubble film without modifications. Settings can be saved using the touchscreen interface, maximizing efficiency between film changes. This air pillow machine effortlessly handles low-to-high volume dispensing needs throughout the packaging process.

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  • Produces air pillows & bubble film
  • Simple, bilingual touchscreen interface for easy operation
  • Accessible belts, motors, and heater blocks for quick changeover
  • Portable machine with a small footprint

Programming Modes 

  1. Continuous Mode - dispenses pillows constantly
  2. Count Mode - dispenses a specific number of pillows
  3. Keypad Mode - dispenses 4, 8, 12, 15, or 20 pillows using discrete-length buttons
  4. Foot Pedal Mode - allows machine control using an operator foot pedal
  5. Photo-Eye Mode - allows machine control using a vision sensor
Manufacturer Polyair
Brand Polyair
Manufacturer SKU AIRSPACE-G6
Rocket Part Number 141201
Electrical Usage 110 V or 120 V
Dimensions 16” L x 12” W x 14.125” H
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