Roll of 8" x 5" Polyair AirSpace Air Pillow Film - 2,850'

  • 3 roll minimum order quantity
  • 1.2 mil thickness
  • 8" x 5" recyclable air pillows
  • 2,850' perforated air pillow film roll
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Supports Sustainability
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This AirSpace Air Pillow Film (#G4080512) from Polyair is a high-quality, recyclable 1.2-mil air pillow film. Each case contains a 2,850' roll of perforated 8" x 5" air pillows. It's a sustainable packaging solution that's lightweight and durable. Use with any Polyair inflatable air pillow system.

Want to customize? These air pillows are also available in custom tinted film and one-color print, with printing on each air pillow. Additional sizes are available: 3” to 24” air pillow sizes and 0.75-mil to 1.8-mil thickness. Contact us for more details at 800-826-4405.


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Brand Polyair
Manufacturer SKU G4080512
Rocket Part Number 133804
Anti-Static No
Environmentally Responsible Yes
Mil Thickness 1.2 MIL
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