Polyair AirSpace G4 Air Pillow Machine

60% of 100
  • 75 ft/min air pillow output
  • Small footprint
  • Internal air supply
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This Polyair AirSpace G4 air pillow machine is lightweight and has the speed to keep up with the most demanding industrial packaging environments. This air pillow machine is best for high-volume operations to help save time and reduce labor costs. For use with recyclable and reusable Polyair AirSpace 8" x 8" air pillows and 8" x 5" air pillows.

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  • Portable stand allows the machine to be used at many different packaging stations
  • Produce air pillows in various sizes and film thicknesses
  • Small footprint reduces warehouse space
  • One-step film-loading process saves time
  • Simple touchscreen interface for easy operation
  • High output speed improves efficiency
  • Internal air supply for a quieter machine that requires less maintenance
  • Automatic hopper control utilizing photo-eye technology
  • Quiet operation exerts less noise
Manufacturer Polyair
Brand Polyair
Manufacturer SKU APMG4-T
Rocket Part Number 143304
Electrical Usage 110 V
Dimensions 15" L x 12" W
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