Roll of 8" x 8" Polyair AirSpace Air Pillow Film - 2,850'

  • 3 roll minimum order quantity
  • 1.2 mil thickness
  • 8" x 8" recyclable air pillow
  • 2,850' perforated air pillow film roll
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Supports Sustainability
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For a high-quality air pillow film that's recyclable, consider this AirSpace air pillow film (#G4080812) from Polyair. It comes in one 2,850' roll per case and has a 1.2 mil thickness. The perforated roll contains 8" x 5" air pillows. It's a sustainable packaging solution that's lightweight, durable, reusable, and works on any Polyair inflatable air pillow system.

Want to customize? These air pillows are also available in custom tinted film and one-color print, with printing on each air pillow. Additional sizes are available: 3" to 24" air pillow sizes and 0.75-mil to 1.8 mil thickness. Contact us for more details at 800-826-4405.


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Manufacturer Polyair
Brand Polyair
Manufacturer SKU G4080812
Rocket Part Number 132361
Anti-Static No
Environmentally Responsible Yes
Mil Thickness 1.2 MIL
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