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Not just a slogan, it's a mission.

Our Mission

We all share one planet. Keeping it as nice as possible for as long as we live inspires us. 33% of all landfill waste is packaging. That is why we strive to Package With Less™. Rocket Industrial is here to help manufacturers responsibly and economically package with less material, less energy, and less waste. Using less leads to more, more life, more opportunity, and a better earth. Join us as we take action to preserve the natural environment.

Why Package with Less?

Package with Less is the core of how we do business, how we approach every project, and how we aim to make the world a better place.

Life can be complex, but your packaging doesn't have to be. We help simplify the process for our clients, through packaging expertise, innovation, and optimization.

Package With Less

Less Waste

A custom automated solution reduces wrap times and eliminates excess stretch wrap use.

Package With Less

Less Cost

New packaging design reduces the need for costly products replacements due to damages.

Package With Less

Less Labor

Case sealer eliminated 25% of employees’ work day that was used to hand tape boxes.


New packaging innovations can change the world.

New ideas and new materials give us all the opportunity to make better packaging decisions that can reduce waste and energy.

Save some green.

In more ways than one! Reduce your carbon footprint and environmental impact while saving money. Money that can be used to invest in new products and people.

“Omit needless things.”

The minimalism motto, when related to packaging, means more precise designs and less unnecessary materials. Removing excess void fill and air in packages could lead to more packages being able to fit on a delivery truck.

Challenge the ordinary.

Just because it works, doesn’t mean it can’t be improved. No damage complaints? You may be over packaging. Always getting packages out the door on time? A case sealer could improve output for even faster shipments.

Empower the people.

Less time spent on the packaging line means more time for your team to come up with the next great idea or improvement.

Not all boxes are created equal.

In fact, the best solution may not be a box at all. A different design or material may be a better fit for your product. Packaging should never be a standard, one-size-fits-all option

Improve the customer experience.

By having your packaging and operations focused on less, this also means less damage and less errors that your customers will deal with.


News and inspiration for your next packaging project.

Start at the End to Understand the Beginning

Guest post from Meleesa Johnson, director at Marathon County Solid Waste - Waste recovery and recycling professionals rarely have any influence over the beginning of the life of a product. You see, we are the forgotten people when it comes to the beginnings of a product and its packaging.


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