Boost Productivity & Cut Costs with the Robopac S7

robopac s7 stretch wrappers lined up

In today’s fast-paced markets, optimizing efficiency while ensuring product safety is extremely important. The Robopac S7 stretch wrapper is transforming packaging operations in many industries. This portable stretch wrapper is loaded with advanced features and cutting-edge technology providing numerous benefits to businesses wanting to streamline their packaging processes.

Key Benefits of the Robopac S7

The Robopac S7 is a self-propelled semi-automatic stretch wrapping machine. It's available in an 86" height version and a 110" height version. The feedback on the S7 from our customers has been extremely positive with many organizations implementing multiple units in their facilities. It offers many advantages over traditional wrappers and a strong ROI.

Increased Efficiency & Productivity

With its automated features and user-friendly interface, the S7 significantly reduces the need for manual labor. The machine can be easily programmed to handle up to 12 wrap programs with various wrapping patterns, wrapping cycles, and film tension levels, allowing for customization based on the requirements of different loads. This saves time but also eliminates human errors that may occur during manual packaging. The result is a faster, more consistent, and more efficient packaging process.

Cost Savings

Robopac's CUBE Technology allows for proper load stabilization which enhances product protection and can reduce film usage by 30% to 55%. The variable stretch ratio is also adjustable from 0% up to 500% with no film threading required.

Versatility & Flexibility

The Robopac S7 is designed to accommodate a wide range of product sizes, shapes, and weights. Whether you need to wrap pallets, boxes, or irregularly shaped items, this stretch wrapper can adapt to your needs. The portability of the S7 also saves time and labor by being able to bring the wrapper to the loads. It's also easy to store when not in use. 

Industry 4.0 Integration

Robopac's R-Connect technology provides stretch film usage and wrapper performance data via the cloud. It also allows you to connect with your machines remotely to investigate alarms and adjust parameters.

Customizable Options

There are multiple options and customizations available for the S7. Here are some of the most popular.

Variable Roping Device (VRD) - This very popular add-on strengthens load containment by converting a 20” roll of film to a full rope. The roping device attaches to the roll carriage and ropes the entire web of film from the top down. This allows the machine to apply a high-tension strength rope of film to the load and locks the load to the pallet. Roping also allows loads to breathe and reduces condensation, so is a preferred wrapping method for those in the food and beverage industries.

R-Connect- R-Connect adds remote machine monitoring, film consumption tracking, and service diagnostics capabilities to the S7. It can help to reduce downtime by giving you informational transparency while also providing actional insights to improve performance and cut film costs .*R-Connect comes standard on the 110” S7 models.

Cold Package - If you need to wrap in cold environments, the cold package S7 option allows the machine to operate in temperatures as low as 23°F. 

30” Film Carriage - Upgrading to a 30” film carriage can increase wrap rates by as much as 10 loads per hour, depending on the load height, and accommodates a broader range of load dimensions.

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