Guide to Buying a Semi-Automatic Stretch Wrapper

Guide to Buying a Semi-Automatic Stretch Wrapper

Are you tired of hand wrapping pallets and dealing with wasted material and time? A stretch wrap machine doesn't just increase the number of pallets you can wrap in an hour, it also reduces stretch film costs, damage related costs, and gives time back to employees to work on other tasks. If you're considering a stretch wrapper investment, use the following information to learn how to choose a stretch wrapper that fits your needs.

Know Your Needs & Requirements

To determine the machine best matched to handle your specific wrapping needs, you'll need to be able to answer the following questions:

  • What type of product or load are you wrapping?
  • What is the length and width of your pallets?
  • What is the average height of your loads?
  • What is the average weight of your loads? How much do your lightest and heaviest weigh?
  • How many loads per hour and per day do you currently wrap?
  • How are you wrapping your loads now and how many people does the process require?
  • Are your loads order picked or standard?
  • How much shipping damage are you experiencing?
  • Do you need to be able to weigh your loads for quality or shipping reasons?
  • Do your products overhang off the pallet, have partial layers, or any other additional qualities that need to be taken into consideration?

A 5 Step Process to Choosing a Semi-Auto Stretch Wrapper

Visual guide to buying a semi-auto stretch wrapper

Featured Turntable Semi-Auto Stretch Wrappers

Eagle 1000BWS Stretch Wrapper

Eagle 1000BWS

Great Entry Level Value: The Eagle 1000BWS is a medium-duty semi-automatic machine that can crank out 20 loads per hour. It can wrap pallets up to 55” W x 55” L x 87” tall and up to 3,500 lbs. It comes standard with a 250% pre-stretch setting to make sure you get the most out of each roll of stretch film. The space-saving feature is the built-in scale which combines your wrapping and weighing process to save you space and time while wrapping loads.

Cousins High Profile 'The Switch' Stretch Wrapper

Cousins Switch Wrapper

Versatile and Rugged: Cousins 'The Switch' stretch wrapper is a rugged machine designed to easily upgrade from a semi-automatic to a fully automatic wrapper when you’re ready. It comes with a lifetime warranty on the pre-stretch rollers, a 65” high-profile turntable that can handle up to 4,500 lb loads, and the ability to wrap up to 30 loads per hour.

Robopac Rotoplat 708 Semi-Auto Stretch Wrapper w/ Variable Pre-Stretch

Robopac 708

Bonus Features: The Rotoplat 708 features variable pre-stretch levels that maximize what level of film is applied to your pallets. This means you can turn down the amount of force applied to the sharp corners of a pallet or put a tighter wrap at the base of a load. It has an intuitive 7” color touchscreen so you can set up the parameters for wrapping each of your loads such as the amount of pre-stretch, containment force, rotation speed, and roping at nine levels on each load. You can upgrade your machine with automatic film cutting, automatic pneumatic roping, a ramp, and a ramp extension for electric fork trucks.

Ready to Save?

We know there are a lot of options when it comes to purchasing a stretch wrapper. To make the right decision that fits and enhances your operations, some research needs to be done. Let us help you find the best machine for you. View our most popular stretch wrapping machines online and contact us with any questions you have.

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