The Stretch Wrapper Advantage

The Stretch Wrapper Advantage

Still hand wrapping loads because you are unsure if a stretch wrapping machine is worth the investment? Many companies, even ones that wrap just 10 loads per day, have found significant savings in film usage and labor costs with a stretch wrap machine. Hand wrapping is a tedious and time consuming job that can lead to uneven packaging and slow throughput. A stretch wrapper is a quick, easy way to secure loads and get more product out the door.

The savings from using a stretch wrapper comes from a reduction in film needed to wrap loads. We've witnessed it many times, packages being wrapped with far too much hand wrap. A stretch wrapper is set to wrap the loads with the least amount of stretch film to secure the load, reducing unnecessary packaging waste and reducing your costs.

Take a look at this stretch wrapper implementation success story.

Get a visual comparison of the key benefits that machine stretch wrapping has over hand wrapping in the infographic below:

Hand Wrapping vs Stretch Wrapping Comparison

Would you like to calculate the material usage and cost of your own wrapping operations? Use our Stretch Film Efficiency Calculator to find out the huge difference optimal prestretched stretch wrap can make.

Reduce Your Costs, Increase Your Production

Making the change from hand wrap to a stretch wrapper can greatly benefit your operations. We can help you select the right stretch wrapper for your application. We carry a variety of stretch wrappers from top brands and are also able to engineer custom automation solutions. Contact our equipment specialists for more information.