BestPack Case Sealer 19 inch Short Infeed Pack Table

  • Compatible with the BestPack MBD22-2, MBD22-3, MSD22 & RS22 model case sealers
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This BestPack™ model #CM500-570A48 case sealer infeed table is 19.7 inches long and is designed specifically for the BestPack model MBD22-2, MBD22-3, MSD22, and RS22 case sealers. An infeed table allows you to stabilize the box before pulling it through the sealing process. These infeed pack tables even work as a packing station, saving you valuable warehouse space by combining the functionality of two stations into one.

Manufacturer BestPack
Brand BestPack
Manufacturer SKU CM500-570A48
Rocket Part Number 113933
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