BestPack 3" BP Universal Tape Head

  • 3" upper and lower tape heads
  • These are retrofit tape heads - Compatible with BestPack, 3M, Loveshaw, Intertape & Belcor case sealers
  • Part #BEP-BP30U000 (upper) & #BEP-BP30L000 (lower)
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*Please Note: These are retrofit tape heads, please contact us for more information and to order.

These upper and lower 3" BestPack BP universal tape heads are compatible with other brands of case sealers. The narrow width and short-length footprint allow these tape heads to be retrofitted onto a competitor's case sealer, with the proper adaptors. The tension adjustment knob with heavy-duty tension spring allows the tape head to handle acrylic, hot melt, and natural rubber adhesives. These tape heads can be used with 1,000, 1,500, and 2,000-yard length machine carton sealing tape. Part #BEP-BP30U000 (upper) & #BEP-BP30L000 (lower).


  • Brass knurled roller reduces build-up when using acrylic and hot melt tape.
  • Tab length adjustment of 2.5", 2.75" and 3.0"
  • The pop-out design allows tape heads to be changed quickly and easily.
  • Optimizing arm for smooth tape release from the roll to reduce tape unwind noise.
  • Tape erect plate system for the proper position of the tab for both acrylic and hot melt tape.
  • Tool steel knife blades provide long-lasting cutting life.

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Manufacturer BestPack
Brand BestPack
Manufacturer SKU BP30
Rocket Part Number 131944
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