BestPack Case Sealer 3 Flap Folder


This 3 flap folder works on the following machinery:

  • BestPack Side Drive Carton Sealer
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This BestPack option for a 3 Flap Folder is the perfect add on for users who want to save time in the sealing process. It gives you a better formed box, and the ability to 'set and forget' a box when putting it through the case sealer.

You do not have to hold down all of the flaps to guide it into the sealer anymore. This 3 flap folder will automatically fold in the small rear flap and the two large side flaps on the top of a box as it is pulled through the sealer. Save yourself time and aggravation by getting a 3 flap folder for your BestPack sealer today!

Manufacturer BestPack
Brand BestPack
Manufacturer SKU A150000
Rocket Part Number 138469
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