Wrap Cycle Wireless Start Remote

  • Wireless start remote is an option for:
    • High Profile Automatic Stretch Wrapper (HP-SWA)
    • Automatic Arm Stretch Wrapper (LP2100X-A)
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Our wireless start remote for the HP-SWA High Profile Automatic Stretch Wrapper and the LP-SWA Automatic Arm Stretch Wrapper is the ultimate time saver. Wirelessly start your Cousins automatic stretch wrapper and save time by not having your employee get on and off of the forklift to manually start the wrap cycle. Our complete selection of Cousins Options for Stretch Wrappers will not work with any other Stretch Wrappers we have, so be sure to call us if you have any questions.

This option is only for a Cousins HP-SWA and LP-SWA that has the wireless start capability. If you are not sure of the capabilities of your stretch wrapper, please Contact Us with the serial number and we can help!

Wireless start remote details:

  • One remote per order
  • Option number OWRC-XST
  • Wirelessly starts wrap cycle
Manufacturer Cousins
Brand Cousins
Manufacturer SKU OWRC-XST
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