Cousins 'The Switch' Automatic A-Arm High Profile Stretch Wrapper


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  • Wraps up to 35 loads per hour
  • 64" L x 64" W max load size
  • 4,500 lbs max load capacity
  • 75" max wrap height
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This Cousins 'Switch' high profile automatic stretch wrapper features state of the art A-Arm wrapping technology. That means this machine is 3 stretch wrappers in one! At the flip of a switch you can use it as a semi-auto, fully auto or a top wrap only wrapper. A remote start controller means you can start wrapping your loads without ever getting off of your forklift.

The exclusive A-Arm film cut and hold device starts and ends the wrap cycle at the top of the load. This allows you to stabilize the load before the turntable comes up to full speed and place the trailing tail of the stretch wrap at the top of the load instead of at the bottom.


  • Standard "Remote Start"
  • There is no film clamp-n-wire on the turntable that can be damaged by improper loading.
  • Load placement on the turntable is not critical.
  • No air hook-ups or noisy compressors, reducing maintenance and operating cost.
  • 3 Machines in one - can be used as a semi-auto, fully auto or a top wrap only wrapper at any time.
  • Adjustable (3 - 12 RPM) turntable rotational speed c/w soft start acceleration.
  • No expensive slip ring maintenance.

Will it wrap your pallets?

  • Maximum load weight: 4,500 lbs dynamic - 10,000 lbs static
  • Maximum load size to safely clear the tower: 63" W x 63" L (96" load diagonal)
  • Maximum load size to remain inboard of the turntable: 46" W x 46" L (68" load diagonal)
  • Maximum load height: 75" H (plus up to 4" top overlap)

For more options and configurations, request a quote or give one of our packaging experts a call at 800.826.4405 to help you find the best machine for your needs.

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Packaged Weight (lbs) 1900
Operating Weight 1700
Manufacturer Cousins
Brand Cousins
Manufacturer SKU HP-SWA
Rocket Part Number 106206
Warranty Pre-Stretch Rollers - Lifetime
Body - 5 years
Non-Wear Item Parts - 3 years
Operation Type Automatic
Maximum Load Dimensions 63" x 63"
Pre-Stretch Setting Standard 200%
Maximum Load Per Hour 35
Maximum Wrap Height 75"
Turntable Weight Capacity 4,500 lbs
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