PalletPOD Compact Palletizer

  • Up to 24 Items per Minute
  • 100 kg (220 lb) Capacity
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The PalletPOD is a compact palletizer that provides an affordable end of line palletizing solution. Due to its small footprint, the PalletPOD is easy to set up and effortlessly fits into existing tight spaces. Designed as a “plug and play” mobile system, this palletizer will help to immediately lower operating costs and eliminate handling injuries. ROI can typically be proven in less than two years.

The base model allows for pallet jack loading and removal. A hinged door allows access to the side of the palletizer and for extra safety, a laser scanner is equipped to guard the pallet entrance/exit. Multiple pallet patters can be easily programmed in allowing quick changes to production.

The PalletPOD comes pre-assembled for simplified set up. Additional options, upgrades and accessories are available to customize the system to your exact needs.


  • Can be configured to match your line height
  • Side mounted gantry for a lower overall height
  • Stacks products at rates up to 24 items per minute
  • Compact size of 6' 8" x 8' with a stack height of up to 100"
  • Fork pockets and caster wheels for added mobility
  • On-board touch screen HMI controller
  • Integrated safety controls and access Interlock / safety scanner
  • ​Over 100 different stacking patterns available
  • Modular adaptability supports cost effective bolt-on automation integrations
  • Heavy duty welded tubular steel base and framing for low weight / high strength
Brand ROI
Country of Origin United States
Manufacturer SKU CP100-8-L/20
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