EVOLUTION SW3 Software Package (#EV1-SW3)

  • Includes SW1, 1.5 and 2 software features
  • Shift coding - up to 6 daily shift codes
  • Date offset - automatic rollover of expiration datesr
  • For use in one printhead module
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This EVOLUTION SW3 software package allows you to take your EV1 inkjet printer from a simple system to one that rivals much higher priced hi-res large character printers. This software also makes your EV1 printing system a viable alternative to the small character DOD, continuous inkjet and laser printers. OEM part #EV1-SW3. *Note: This software is for use in one print head module. A separate SW3 software package will have to be purchased for each additional print head module.

Features of the SW3 Software

  • Shift Coding: Up to 6 daily shift codes
  • Date Offset: Designed for the automatic rollover of expiration dates- up to 999 days
  • Product Counter: The ability to count the number of products printed within a programmed time period.
  • ADDED VALUE: SW3 software also includes all of the software features that are contained in SW1, 1.5 and 2 option packages - see details on the SW1, 1.5 and 2 software below.

SW1 Software Package

  • Message Storage: Allows you to store up to 50 messages
  • Automatic Message Repeat: The distance between message repeats can be programmed to give varying distances of up to 20"
  • Password Protection: Allows you the ability to store a password into the controller to prevent unauthorized tampering of the message and the operation parameters of the system.

SW1.5 Software Package

  • Extended Message Length: Expands the message length to one line of 48 characters 1/2" high - or - 96 characters of 7/32" height with 48 characters per line
  • Expanded Memory: Of up to 99 messages, including both text and operating parameters.

Features of the SW2 Software

  • Sequentially Numbering: Sequential number your products with up to 9 digits.
  • Variable Date Formats: Date code your products in either a numerical, alphabetical or Julian Date format. Delimiters of (: / .) are selectable.
  • Variable Time Formats: Time coding in military style (15:30:29) can be entered into the message for precise production tracking. Delimiters of (: / .) are selectable. Military style time coding can be entered (15:30:29) for precise production tracking
  • ADDED VALUE: SW2 software also includes all of the software features that are contained in option packages SW1 & SW1.5 - see details on the SW1 and SW1.5 software below.
Manufacturer Matthews Marking Systems
Manufacturer SKU EV1-SW3
Rocket Part Number 142724
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