EVOLUTION EV1 High Resolution Inkjet Printer

  • 1-2 lines of text
  • Prints 200 feet per minute
  • 300 dpi print resolution 

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Evolution Inkjet Printer
EVOLUTION EV1 High Resolution Inkjet Printer

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    The EVOLUTION EV1 high resolution industrial inkjet printer delivers a low total cost of ownership compared to other inkjet printers. The optimum print resolution prints bold, highly legible, and fully formed characters, making it an ideal choice for printing a product code or other non-variable text. Easily add to a case sealer for an integrated sealing and marking system.

    The EV1 marking system comes with mounting hardware, touch screen interface, print head module, and power supply. Standard software includes programmable line speed, print delay, inter-character spacing, print direction, message orientation, product detection, and external encoding.


    • Touch screen interface
    • Prints 1 line of 24, 1/2" characters
    • Prints 2 lines of 24, 7/32" characters
    • For use with standard or fast dry inks
    • Select from multiple languages (English, Spanish, French, and German)
    • Power requirements: 110-240VAC, 50-60H2 0.5A - 110V is standard
    • Optional software and fonts available

    Software Upgrade Options

    • Software 1 - Stores up to 50 messages, automatic message repeat with varying distances, password protection
    • Software 1.5 - Software 1 features + stores up to 100 messages, extended message length, memory for up to 99 messages
    • Software 2 - Software 1.5 features + automatic variable time and date formats, sequential numbering
    • Software 3 - Software 2 features + automatic shift codes, offset dates, auto repeat and product counters
    Manufacturer Matthews Marking Systems
    Manufacturer SKU EV1
    Rocket Part Number (RP#) 142720 - EV1 Printer
    142721 - SW1 Software
    142722 - SW1.5 Software
    142723 - SW2 Software
    142724 - SW3 Software
    Maximum Lines of Print 2
    Print Resolution 300 dpi
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