This Month in Packaging... [September 2023]

Packaging News September 2023

Welcome to the September edition of Rocket Industrial’s ‘This Month in Packaging’ blog series, a monthly wrap-up of packaging related content that catches our eye.

From Coors Light hitting the spot on a new can design to Coca-Cola turning to AI for a limited-edition flavor, here are five things that caught our attention this month.

Coors Light’s Digitally Printed Can

Coors Light

WHO: Coors Light

WHAT: After Los Angeles Angels’ Shohei Ohtani hit Coors Light’s LED ad board with a long foul ball, a square of lights went out in the upper left of a pictured can. Pictures of the sign damage quickly spread over social media, prompting Coors to post an image on Twitter of a potential new can design, which received over 1.3 million views.

WHY IT MATTERS: The post’s success led to Coors creating the commemorative packaging as a limited-edition can, which sold out the next day. Over the last 12 months, GlobalData analytics suggest a 41% increase in social media posts about the packaging industry, inspiring more creative and unusual packaging.

Multisensory Packaging Elevates Engagement

Multisensory Packaging

WHO: Packaging Industry

WHAT: Through multisensory packaging, such as adding tactile, scented, and visual interest, the likelihood of a product standing out on a retail shelf dramatically increases. Studies have shown that when a consumer reaches out to touch a product, they already think about owning it, so making the experience memorable is essential.  

WHY IT MATTERS: The packaging of tangible products can elicit emotions that resonate with consumers, creating a deeper association with a product and more sales. Simply adding glitter, embossing, sound, or a unique scent can differentiate packaging.

Coca-Cola Turns to AI for Limited-Edition Flavor

Coca-Cola Y300 can

WHO: Coca-Cola

WHAT: Coca-Cola’s newest limited-edition flavor Y3000 and its packaging were created with the help of AI. After researching flavors that consumers associate with the future, Coca-Cola used AI to help figure out flavor pairings and profiles. AI-generated images were used to create a mood board for inspiration and given credit on the can itself, noting it’s “Co-Created with AI.”

WHY IT MATTERS: Consumers can scan a QR code on the can to access the Coca-Cola Creations Hub, which utilizes the custom Y3000 AI Cam to turn photos into a futuristic image that mimics the can style. Coca-Cola, like many other companies, is embracing the power of AI to deepen engagement with consumers.

First In-Mold Labeling Solution

In-Mold Labeling


WHAT: In conjunction with three companies specializing in in-mold labeling (IML), Sabic debuts the first in-mold labeling solution with certified renewable polymers for food packaging containers. This single-step technology creates the label right in the injection mold, becoming an integral part of the packaging itself.

WHY IT MATTERS: This attractive, sustainable, and cost-effective decorative solution results in the packaging to be existing rigid PP recycling streams and expands mono-material packaging without compromising on consumer appeal.

Rocket Goes to Pack Expo

Dr. Pepper sustainable packaging

WHO: Rocket Industrial

WHAT: Pack Expo International was held in Las Vegas this year with over 2,300 exhibitors and more than 32,000 attendees. Members of our team attended to converge with other packaging thought leaders and to be inspired by packaging innovations.

WHY IT MATTERS: Staying up to date with the latest packaging innovations helps us bring our customers the best packaging supplies and equipment.

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