This Month in Packaging... [August 2023]

Packaging News August 2023

Welcome to the August edition of Rocket Industrial’s ‘This Month in Packaging’ blog series, a monthly wrap-up of packaging related content that catches our eye.

From cocktails getting a packaging twist to the quest for a perfect sprinkle, here are five things that caught our attention this month.

Cocktails Get a Packaging Twist

 Glenlivet bottle packaging

WHO: Glenlivet

WHAT: A new fun and functional closure on the Glenlivet Twist & Mix Cocktails, a line of ready-to-serve whiskey cocktails, eliminates cocktail mixing guesswork. When the cap is twisted, a precise blend of pressurized cocktail flavorings is released directly into the bottle. Pour it over ice to enjoy.

WHY IT MATTERS: The first-of-its-kind innovation is modernizing the single malt scotch whiskey category by inspiring consumers to enjoy this spirit on more occasions. Meeting consumer demand for high-quality, freshly mixed cocktails, this product is easy to serve and enjoy with family and friends.

The Quest for a Perfect Sprinkle

Push and Dose packaging

WHO: Push and Dose

WHAT: The Push and Dose Sprinkle Pouch system is a patented innovation for flexible pouches that lets consumers sprinkle just about any flake-type product right from the pouch, such as spices, glitter, and dry shampoo. Simply invert the pouch and squeeze the top two corners toward the center for a perfect sprinkle.

WHY IT MATTERS: Originally created to solve too much cinnamon being sprinkled onto porridge, the bottom-gusseted standup pouch with laser-cut slits replaces jars and lowers transportation costs.

Starbucks Shifts Towards Reusables

Starbucks reusable cups

WHO: Starbucks & Turn Systems

WHAT: Napa and Petaluma, California Starbucks customers will see something new when picking up their favorite hot or cold beverage, a reusable, returnable cup. The new Borrow a Cup program allows customers to pay a $1 deposit for the cup, and then receive a $1 discount on their beverage order when the cup is returned.

WHY IT MATTERS: The reusable polypropylene cups are made for both hot and cold drinks and average 100-200 uses. This latest round of reusables tests contributes to Starbucks’s goal for all customer packaging to be reusable, recyclable, or compostable in the future.

Fruit Snack Production Line Implements Equipment

Welch's packaging equipment

WHO: Welch’s

WHAT: Now operating 24/7, Welch’s required more packaging equipment to keep up with the higher volume of fruit snacks being produced. The direct feed from processing to packaging uses conveyors to transfer the finished product straight to the packaging operation.

WHY IT MATTERS: From vibratory conveyors and scales to baggers and palletizers, equipment is increasing the amount of product that can be made. The sophisticated packaging equipment supports top-notch primary, secondary, and tertiary packaging.

Success Stories


WHO: Rocket Industrial

WHAT: Our revamped case studies resource page features success stories on how our team of packaging experts has helped our customers resolve their packaging problems.

WHY IT MATTERS: You might not know where to start improving packaging operations and processes, but our case studies provide data-backed solutions to problems that a variety of industries may encounter.

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