This Month in Packaging... [January 2022]

Packaging News January 2022

Welcome to the January 2022 edition of Rocket Industrial’s ‘This Month in Packaging’ blog series, a monthly wrap-up of packaging related content that catches our eye.

From expanding frustration free packaging to advancements in robotics, here are five things that caught our attention this month.

Robotic Advancements Enhance Automated Warehouses

Amazon Warehouse Automation

WHO: Amazon

WHAT: As the world’s second largest retailer, Amazon bought a robot company to continue warehouse automation. The two basic types of warehouse robots are automated guided vehicles (AGVs) and autonomous mobile robots (AMRs).

WHY IT MATTERS: Advancements in robotics is changing the way warehouses operate. A leader in demonstrating how well robots can automate a warehouse, Amazon has introduced robots named Bert and Ernie, as well as the Scooter and Kermit robots.

Vodka Packaged in Sustainable Bottles and Made of Waste Beer

BrewDog Drinks

WHO: BrewDog

WHAT: With a mission to become the most sustainable drinks brand on the planet, BrewDog has created a revolutionary vodka that is distilled 100% from beer that would otherwise be wasted. The ground-breaking, paper based bottle is natural and 100% biodegradable.

WHY IT MATTERS: BrewDog boasts carbon-negativity with its continued efforts to reduce reliance on fossil-fuel-derived energy and removes twice as much carbon from the atmosphere as it emits through its operations.

Expansion of Frustration-Free Packaging

Frustration Free Packaging

WHO: Amazon

WHAT: Amazon’s Frustration-Free Packaging (FFP) program encourages vendors to package their products in easy-to-open packaging that is 100% recyclable and ready to ship to customers, without additional Amazon packaging. FFP also establishes a more consistent experience across traditional and eCommerce retail channels.

WHY IT MATTERS: Differentiating products with less packaging while better protecting products during shipment contributes to brand sustainability objectives and lower packaging costs.

Taste and Design Innovations

Coca-Cola Cans

WHO: Coca-Cola

WHAT: Debuting a new look for its Coca-Cola Flavors lineup, Coca-Cola is flaunting a new, modern packaging design to the same great taste. Full-color cans designate single flavors and stacked colors communicate dual flavors.

WHY IT MATTERS: By modernizing and simplifying the look of their packaging, customers can more easily find the flavor that they are looking for on the shelf.

2022 Sustainable Packaging Trends


WHO: Packaging Industry

WHAT: From removing toxins from packaging, looking at packaging with a more holistic approach, and reuse and refill stations will be trends for 2022. Additionally, shifting the responsibility and accountability of sustainability to producers and ensuring that products are properly labeled is already starting this year.

WHY IT MATTERS: As consumers and companies are looking for more sustainable options in their everyday life, companies are racing the clock to advance their sustainability commitments.

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