Strapping Break Strength Calculator

Strapping on box

Knowing the ideal break strength for your strapping and banding is an important factor in reducing material costs and damages. Use the following information to understand strapping break strength more and calculate the target break strength for your loads.

What is Strapping Break Strength?

Break strength (also referred to as tensile strength) is the measurement of how much tension can be placed on the strapping before it breaks. This is usually measured in pounds. Different sizes of polyester and polypropylene strapping will each have specific break strengths.

Using strapping with the correct break strength not only helps to avoid product damage but also helps to prevent overspending on a strapping material that is a higher strength than you need.

To use the calculator below, enter the total weight of the pallet, product, container, or cartons being strapped. Then enter how many straps you will use to secure the load. The result will show you the ideal break strength for this load.

*This is a general starting point. Please perform your own test to verify the load is adequately secured.

Strapping is available in a variety of materials, colors, widths, lengths, and core sizes. Contact our packaging specialists to make sure you are using the correct strapping for your bander.