Key Factors to Consider When Buying Strapping Equipment

Key Factors to Consider When Buying Strapping Equipment

Strapping machines and strapping tools are available in a variety of styles, so it can be difficult to determine exactly what your company needs. Here’s an overview of the different types of strapping equipment and the key factors to consider when purchasing.

Types of Strapping Equipment

Strapping equipment is used to strap cases or products to keep them secured during storage and shipment. The machines and tools help to increase efficiency, reduce damage, and improve workplace safety. They range in price, speed, and quality depending on the type of machine.

Manual Handheld Strapping Tool

Manual strapping tensionerManual strapping tensionerManual strapping tensioner

This type of tool is an inexpensive completely manual tool for securing boxes and pallets with plastic strapping. The user must wrap, feed, pull, and tighten the strapping. This process can often take several minutes to apply one strap.

  • Starts around $150
  • Process up to 20 pallets per day
  • Tension varies since it’s fully up to the operator

Battery Powered Handheld Strapping Tool

Battery powered strapping toolBattery powered strapping toolBattery powered strapping tool

An electric handheld tool requires less labor than a manual tool. They are extremely portable and lightweight with most tools weighing less than 10 pounds.

  • Starts around $2,250
  • Process up to 100 pallets per day
  • Tension remains consistent after being programmed

Semi-Automatic Strapping Machine

Tabletop strapping machineTabletop strapping machineTabletop strapping machine

Tabletop strapping machines are portable and easily justifiable if you are strapping more than 50 boxes per day. They require an operator to feed the strap, and then the machine does the tensioning.

  • Starts around $900
  • Up to 20 straps per minute
  • Requires an operator

Arch Strapping Machine

Arch strapping machineArch strapping machineArch strapping machine

Arch strapping machines are less reliant on an operator than a tabletop machine. They are typically used in higher volume operations. The size of the cartons being strapped will help guide your choice of which size arch you need.

  • Starts around $6,000
  • Up to 60 straps per minute
  • Available as semi-automatic or automatic

Automatic Strapping Machine

Automatic strapping machineAutomatic strapping machineAutomatic strapping machine

For very high volume operations, automatic strapping machines can be a huge time and money saver. These machines strap, seal, and cut automatically within seconds. They also offer a lot of customizations to fully automate the process with conveyors.

  • Starts around $7,000 (Fully automated large scale units are more expensive, often falling more in the $20,000 starting range)
  • Up to 60 straps per minute
  • Requires no operator to feed, tighten, and seal

How to Choose the Right Strapping Machine or Tool

Your requirements will direct the type of strapping machine or tool you need. To find the right equipment, you have to be clear about your needs. These typically stem from the following:

Volume of Boxes

The amount of boxes you will be strapping per day has a huge effect on which type of machine or tool you should purchase. Do you have high volumes that justify a strapping machine, or is the number of boxes low enough that a tool will do the job? Typically if you’re strapping less than 50 pallets or boxes a day, a handheld tool will be sufficient, but you could still see labor savings by implementing a more automated option.

Space Availability

If you’re looking at a strapping machine, taking into consideration the amount of space you have for strapping can rule out some options. Since the machines can range in size from small tabletop units to extremely large fully automated setups, knowing where the machine will be placed in your environment is extremely important when assessing options.

Strapping Material You Use

The type of strapping material you use or want to use will also affect what type of equipment will be best for you. If you use steel strapping, you'll need a machine or tool that is specifically made to handle steel. It's also important to verify the equipment you choose can handle the length, width, and gauge of strapping you choose to use.

Your Products

Depending on your industry and products, a specialized machine may be required. Food or medical products often need stainless steel machines. Large or irregular products may require customized equipment.

Rocket Industrial offers a wide range of strapping machines and strapping tools. We can help assess your strapping needs and help choose the best equipment for the job. Contact us to talk with an equipment specialist.

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