Ray & Marie Goldbach Business Principles

Ray and Marie Goldbach

Founded in 1957 by Ray and Marie Goldbach, Rocket Industrial started as a family-owned Packaging Tape company. Today, we are a nationwide distributor that helps solve packaging challenges across the United States. Although we have grown over the years, we still use the advice of our founders as principles to guide our company. 

1. Employees should love where they work & feel a sense of pride that they are contributing to the company’s success in some way… no matter their role.

2. Equality. The expectations of family members, friends, or long-time employees are that they are held to the same standard, or a greater standard, than anyone else.

Goldbach with cheese boxes

3. “Listen, listen, listen.” Listen carefully to fellow employees and customers to learn how to improve.

4. Practice patience & humility. “Don’t judge, until you’ve walked in their shoes.”

5. “Great” doesn’t necessarily mean “big” – “Great” means having the respect of fellow employees, and of the community, customers, vendors, and the industry.

6. Build a team environment so employees can take pride in accomplishing things together.

7. “Your word has to be as good as gold.”  Be trustworthy & honest.

8. “Do unto others as you would have done unto yourself.” The golden rule should be applied to employees, customers, and vendors.

9. Embrace creativity and innovation. Ideas for improvement can come from anyone, anywhere, at any time. Invite participation.

Goldbach with truck

10. Leaders should surround themselves with talented, honorable, passionate people, put them in positions to use their strengths and passions, and then support, trust, and believe in them, giving them the freedom to rise to the occasion and prove themselves.

11. Leaders should provide clear direction. Let people know what’s expected & how they’re doing on a regular basis.

12. Pay should be connected to performance, as much as tenure and loyalty.

13. As a business, stick to what you can be the best at, or don’t bother.

14. Our organizations should be involved in giving back to the communities in which they operate – through education, supporting community growth initiatives, and through the arts.

15. Take it day by day. Take time to reflect and thank God.

Ray and Marie's legacy lives on through our business principles at Rocket Industrial. Contact one of our packaging experts today!