Employee Spotlight: Aaron Stelzl

Employee Spotlight: Aaron Stelzl

Rocket Industrial's Employee Spotlight series highlights a different employee every month, offering an inside look at our company culture and the awesome people who work here.

This month’s employee spotlight features Quality and Certification Supervisor, Aaron Stelzl. Aaron has worked at Rocket for 9 years, contributing success to warehouse, production, and product quality. In his most recent role, Aaron will continue to nurture, enhance, and provide a great customer experience, while holding our facilities to high standards of cleanliness, security, and quality.

What is something you are proud to have accomplished at Rocket?

I was part of the initial groundwork of Rocket’s quality department. It has been an honor to watch it grow and continue to thrive. The BRC Certification that we have received for the last 4 years is something that I’m especially proud of. We continue to push ourselves, and the industry, forward by providing the safest supply chain possible that undoubtedly sets us apart from our competition.

What are some current packaging trends you are seeing?

There is a big push for sustainable requirements and programs in our industry. Our suppliers and customers alike look to Rocket as we strive to set and maintain sustainability trends. Rocket’s BRC certification, packaging test lab, and million pound promise initiative acknowledge this growing need with our commitment to high standards.

What do you like to do in your free time?

I enjoy spending time at my cabin with my wife, 4-year old daughter, and golden doodle. I love to get outside to unplug for a while, and maybe even sneak in a quick nap. I also like to watch movies, especially Star Wars.

Aaron on boat with his family

Any other fun facts?

I am an avid coin collector. My most prized possession is a $5 Indian Head gold piece from 1905, given to me by my grandma. Also, my wife and I are expecting a baby girl around Christmas 2021!