PinnacleBond Metallocene Hot Melt Adhesive Chips

  • Industrial hot melt chips
  • Fast setting, high performance
  • No odor or smoke
  • Light color
  • For case sealing applications
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These PinnacleBond metallocene hot melt chips (#HM8512PE) are a versatile, high-performing, fast-setting adhesive for corrugated packaging needs. "PinnacleBond" technology eliminates char and gel to ensure these hot melt chips will not plug the tank or glue tips of your equipment.

Additionally, this bulk hot melt adhesive can lower costs by as much as 15 to 30% by allowing you to use less adhesive.

This bulk hot melt adhesive is an excellent general purpose packaging adhesive that performs well in multiple applications and runs smoothly on the high-speed machines used in food, beverage, and other industries.


  • No adhesive build-up on equipment
  • No plugged nozzles and hoses
  • Resists extreme heat & cold
  • Light in color & odor free
Packaged Weight (lbs) 25
Manufacturer Palmetto Adhesives
Brand PinnacleBond
Manufacturer SKU HM8512PE
Rocket Part Number 139021
Color Translucent White
Quantity Per Carton 1
Softening Point 220°F
Viscosity 950 cps @ 350°F
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