Microjet to Sealer Mount Box (#CPAOP00-LD3) for the Loveshaw LD7 Case Sealer

Compatible with:
  • LD-7 Pressure Sensitive Case Taper
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This mounting box option (#CPAOP00-LD3) integrates a Loveshaw Microjet date coder with the Loveshaw LD-7 Pressure Sensitive Case Taper. Mounting a printer to a sealer is resourceful use of valuable floor space.

Be sure to pick up the Microjet mount block & L-bracket to complete your assembly.

These Microjet printer mounting brackets are one of our Loveshaw case sealer options and can be purchased with the machine or added later. Purchasing both at the same time can help you save money by reducing your overall shipping charges.

Need help finding the right part? Our service team is always available to help you find what you need. Connect with a service tech or call our parts sales department at 1.888.754.9537.

Manufacturer Loveshaw
Brand Little David
Manufacturer SKU CPAOP00-LD3
Rocket Part Number 100459
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