Cousins ‘Switch’ High Profile Semi-Automatic Stretch Wrapper


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  • Wraps up to 35 loads per hour
  • 67" L x 67" W max load size
  • 4,500 lbs max load capacity
  • 80" max wrap height
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This Cousins ‘The Switch’ high profile semi-automatic stretch wrapper features a “Rapid Thread” to guarantee proper stretch on every pallet. The powered pre-stretch carriage uniquely orientates the sticky side of the film against the pre-stretch rollers and the inside of the load for superior film-to-roller contact area. This pallet wrapper provides a 33% to 313% fixed stretch capability. The side-mounted carriage and safety door with auto power shut-off device ensure convenience and safety for the operator.

This Cousins pallet wrapping machine has a high profile 65” turntable with a heavy-duty surround deck for a maximum load weight of 4,500 pounds. Less than 11” from the floor, the turntable features front and back forklift ports for easy movement. This stretch wrapper also has final revolution deceleration, positive stop alignment, and a 4-point caster support system to maximize loads wrapped. The electronic controls with LCD operator interface for this stretch wrapper have a reset switch and power-on indicator light, a single auto wrap cycle start/pause button, and operator programmable turntable speed control. The tower is designed with fully enclosed and guarded motors, non-exposed cables, and heavy-duty formed/structural steel for safe usage.


  • Easily converts to a fully automated stretch wrapper
  • NEMA 12 enclosures
  • Electronic controls with an easy to use LED interface
  • Side mounted film carriage is equipped with anti-fall safety device
  • Between 3 and 12 RPM turntable rotational speed compatible with soft start acceleration
  • Film carriage manual raise & lower controls
  • Easily upgrade this semi-automatic stretch wrapper to a fully-automatic stretch wrapper on-site by installing the unique A-Arm in the future.

For more options and configurations, request a quote or give one of our packaging experts a call at 800.826.4405 to help you find the best machine for your needs.

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Packaged Weight (lbs) 1975
Operating Weight 1750
Manufacturer Cousins
Brand Cousins
Manufacturer SKU HP-SW
Rocket Part Number 131444
Warranty Pre-Stretch Rollers - Lifetime
Body - 5 years
Non-Wear Item Parts - 3 years
Operation Type Semi-Automatic
Maximum Load Dimensions 67" x 67"
Pre-Stretch Setting Standard 200%
Maximum Load Per Hour 35
Maximum Wrap Height 80"
Turntable Weight Capacity 4,500 lbs
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