Why Choose a Career in Packaging

Why Choose a Career in Packaging

A career in packaging promises work in an industry with consistent growth and abundant opportunities. According to The Future of Packaging: Long-Term Strategic Forecasts, the global packaging market was worth $906.5 billion in 2018. Factors affecting growth rates are the increasing e-commerce market, integrated packaging, brand identity and positioning, and more convenient flexible packaging options.

The industry is extremely robust. It’s ever-changing and evolving due to consumer demands and innovations. Environmental considerations are also changing the way companies buy materials. A focus on waste reduction and using sustainable solutions is becoming a new standard.

Diverse Career Paths in Packaging

Many people may initially think of a job in packaging being production or line work, but whether you’re considering working for a packaging manufacturer or distributor, you’ll find a diverse list of job titles. Rocket Industrial employs a variety of people from engineers to marketing, sales to development, warehouse and service techs and a full support staff of admin, HR, accounting and more.

Here are what some of our employees say they like best about their career in the packaging industry:

“When it comes to working on design, particularly package design, there is a very rewarding feeling knowing that you’re making something that is meant to turn heads. Developing a solution to fit a client’s needs while balancing form and function is a creative joy.” – Jim Butch, Senior Designer

“My favorite part of my job is working with non-profit organizations and growing our business. Rocket industrial provides sustainable meal packaging products to multiple non-profit organizations that provide meals to children all over the world and it is great to be a small part of that. I also enjoy solving complex challenges for Rocket Industrial customers and being able to build professional relationships with people from all over the US as well as globally. Every day is a new set of challenges and I never find myself “bored” at work. I am also provided with multiple opportunities for growth within my company and the industry.” – Angela Toshner, Customer Experience Account Manager

“My favorite things about working in the packaging industry are the opportunities to help customers solve challenging packaging issues, continuously improving and optimizing packaging to reduce costs for customers, making an impact on packaging’s current sustainability and environmental concerns, and helping customers find the best value product for their application.” – Tim Kretlow, Packaging Engineer/Testing Lab Manager

Join the Packaging Evolution!

For anyone looking to work in the packaging industry, the possibilities are endless. We’re always looking for fun and talented people to join our team and our mission to help the world Package With Less. Learn more about Rocket Industrial and check out our open positions on our careers page.