Why Choose a Career in Packaging

Why Choose a Career in Packaging

Valued at $184.65 billion in 2021, the packaging industry in the United States is expected to reach $218.12 billion by 2027. Despite economical fluctuations, this industry remains relatively stable since there is always a need for packaging, especially as the eCommerce, food, beverage, and manufacturing industries continue to expand and grow.

Career Paths in Packaging

Described by experts as innovative, stable, and creative, the packaging industry has jobs available for people of every skill level. Many people might initially think of a packaging career as being production or line work, but roles are much more diverse. Rocket Industrial employs a variety of packaging professionals from engineers and designers to sales representatives and service technicians as well as a full support staff of human resource partners, accounting specialists, administrative directors, and more.

Packaging Design

Packaging design has also become a greater focus for a lot of brands as it has a huge effect on consumer buying behavior, making it just as important as the product itself. 72% of Americans agree that a product’s packaging influences their purchase decision. Jim, brand manager, explains, “Packaging is often the first point of interaction when it comes to introducing your brand to a potential customer. Developing that experience based on the needs of clients has been an incredibly rewarding challenge that I’ve enjoyed throughout my career.”


Sustainability is at the forefront of a lot of packaging decisions as 70% of Americans consider sustainability when making a purchase. In fact, sustainability is one of the reasons why Emily, one of our packaging engineer associates, decided to pursue a packaging career from her personal experiences. “Growing up near the beach and seeing all the packaging trash people would leave on the beach, as well as seeing multiple turtles be injured from trying to eat trash in the sea, was what first got me interested in packaging, specifically sustainable packaging. Seeing firsthand the negative damage that packaging can do to our environment and animals greatly influenced my decision to major in packaging science in college, to try to help come up with better packaging solutions for our environment.”

Service & Repair

To ensure that packaging equipment continues to run efficiently, service and repair teams are crucial in the packaging industry. Our team provides support for machines from installation to end-of-life. Sarah, our parts service and sales representative, conveys, “We are the unspoken team that helps customers to ensure equipment is up and running. This allows for more products to get out the door while saving money and unnecessary packaging costs. From installation to maintenance to parts and sourcing we handle it all.”

Join the Packaging Industry

For anyone looking to work in the packaging industry, the possibilities are endless. We’re always looking for fun and talented people to join our team! Learn more about Rocket Industrial and check out our open positions on our careers page.