7 Spring Cleaning Tips for Commercial Facilities

7 Spring Cleaning Tips for Commercial Facilities

Cleaning is a crucial part of facility maintenance. A dirty environment is not only unsightly and unprofessional but also creates an unsafe environment for workers and visitors. Daily cleaning helps keep areas tidy and reduces the spread of bacteria, but regularly scheduled deep cleans can help remove dirt build-up, debris, germs, and allergens. To keep your facility looking its best, use our list of seasonal cleaning tips.

Develop a Plan

For an efficient deep clean, start by determining what needs to be cleaned internally and externally. You’ll also need to consider what type of products and equipment will be needed. Make sure you’re using the appropriate cleaning products and that all label directions and safety information are followed.

Deep Cleaning Floors

Don’t let your floors become a workplace hazard. Moisture, salt, mud, and debris can cause build-up and damage to facility floors during the winter months. Start with a good sweep, followed by stripping and waxing to repair and restore floors. The right tools for the job will depend on the type of flooring throughout your facility.

Commercial carpets require deep cleaning to remove visible debris and residues that have sunk into the fibers. High traffic matting should also be vacuumed and spot cleaned. Untreated damage can lead to mold and mildew spread.

Bathroom Wash Down

Even though restrooms are routinely cleaned, a good scrub and sanitization of floors, dusting of fixtures and lights, and deep cleaning of walls and doors will fully refresh the area.

Dust Hard to Reach Areas

For a full clean, you’ll want to attend to overhead fans, light fixtures, corners, air registers, window ledges, and other areas that hardly ever get any attention. Dusting and cleaning from the top down and covering those hard to reach areas will uncover a lot of build-up cobwebs and dirt. Removing all of this dust will improve the air quality and overall appearance of your facility.

Vent and Air Duct Cleaning

When it’s time to move from heat to air conditioning, testing and assessing your AC equipment is common practice. It’s also an excellent time to clean out vents and ducts to remove built-up dust. A precautionary clean now can help prevent a mid-summer system failure.

Window Washing

Let there be light! Winter weather can have a harsh effect on exterior appearance, especially when a building has a lot of windows. A good cleaning of both exterior and interior windows can remove a lot of built-up film and haze, resulting in a big boost of natural light.

Pressure Wash Exterior Traffic Areas

Pressure washing exterior walkways can help reduce debris being tracked in the building and remove ugly grime spots and stains.

Facility Solutions and Strategies

If you need help preparing a cleaning program or need guidance on which cleaning equipment and supplies you need, facility solutions team can help. Our experts can find the right tools and share their knowledge on making your environment the cleanest and safest it can be.

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