Rocket's Women in Packaging

Rocket's Women in Packaging

As the packaging industry grows, more women are being employed and joining an industry traditionally dominated by men. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, women make up 47% of workers in all industries but only 35% of packaging and processing jobs are filled by women. In fact, only about 23% of packaging engineers are women.

Despite these statistics, from sales and marketing to finance and IT, we are proud that each department at Rocket Industrial has women representation. To celebrate Women’s History Month, we asked a few of our female employees to reflect on their experiences in the packaging industry.

Emily - Packaging Engineer

Emily Packaging Engineer

What inspired you to get a Packaging Engineer degree?

I decided to pursue a degree in packaging because I thought it was an interesting major that I had never heard of before. Some of my friends also decided to major in it. I liked how varied the field is and how there are so many different routes you can take with a packaging career.  

What advice would you give to other females considering careers in packaging?

Be confident in what you are doing and don’t worry about what everyone else is doing.

Andrea - Regional Sales Manager

Andrea Regional Sales Manager

What is it like being a woman in a male-dominated industry?

I was lucky enough to have a mentor who never considered gender when finding the best and most qualified person for a role. Because of that, I also try to take gender out of the equation and focus on being qualified and knowledgeable in your field. It requires perseverance, strategic thinking, and being confident in what you know – which is applicable regardless of gender.

How have your previous jobs helped you in your current position?

I was in the sports medicine/athletic training industry for 25 years previously, which especially initially was a male-dominated industry. Being confident in your skill set and experience is key to success.

Traci - Vice President of Finance

Traci Vice President of Finance

Can you share your overall experience as a woman in the packaging industry and in a leadership role?

As a female leader, I see part of my role as trying to give a voice to and advocate for other women in business. I think it’s critical that women feel supported by leaders who understand the responsibilities and demands happening outside of work and at the same time understand the value of having women on the team who can provide different viewpoints and skill sets. Leaders should strive to listen to their employees and be empathetic to what is going on in employees’ personal lives.

Leaders can also advocate for policies that have a positive impact on the lives of women. I have been an advocate for policies that have expanded parental leave for new parents, permitted more flexibility in workday schedules, allowed for remote work, and even relaxed antiquated dress code policies. Even though on the surface, these seem to benefit women more, everyone can take advantage of these policies.

What advice do you have for females who aspire to be in leadership roles?

If you are interested in a leadership role, the most important thing you can do is to find opportunities to be a leader (and they are all around!). Be sure to express your interest to your manager and volunteer for opportunities as they arise. This could be opportunities inside or outside of work. Don't be afraid to ask to take the lead on an important project or to coordinate a fundraiser through a church, school, or other community organization. These opportunities may feel "small" or like "extra work" for your already busy schedule but they allow you to practice skills critical to being a good leader: bringing people together, problem-solving, and accomplishing something important.

Dawn - Business Development Manager

 Dawn Business Development Manager

Why did you choose a career in packaging?

I like that I can see opportunities to innovate and disrupt the industry with new ideas and solutions. My passion for sustainability helps me focus on eco-friendly solutions for my customers. It also encompasses a variety of sectors including food and beverage, pharmaceuticals, industrial, and consumer goods. I like the fact that I can make a positive impact on my customers through packaging that enhances their experiences and contributes to the success of their products in the market.

What personal skills or qualities contribute to your success as a sales representative?

Being able to multi-task and strong time management skills help me prioritize my sales and maximize productivity. I’m organized and efficient which helps me balance customer meetings, follow-ups, and administrative tasks to achieve my sales targets. I love what I do, and by maintaining a positive attitude, I can inspire confidence in my customers and colleagues.

Are you interested in a career in packaging? Learn more about our team, benefits, and core values, and view our current open positions on our careers page.